What we do

August 26, 2017
Harris County Gauge Adjusted Radar Rainfall, a day of Hurricane Harvey by subbasin weighted averages

Who We Are

Vieux & Associates (Vieux) is an engineering technology firm specializing in radar rainfall / runoff software, products, and related services. Vieux is a recognized leader in advanced hydrologic modeling and forecasting systems to provide world-class flood warning systems and our team-members are leaders in their field.

Vieux is now part of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AE Monitoring) family of companies. AE Monitoring is combining global leaders to provide reliable and innovative environmental monitoring and analysis solutions. Our companies offer world-class technologies, ranging from sensors, data-loggers, and telemetry to hydrologic modeling software that provides advanced analytics and prediction. These technologies enable decision makers to make better decisions, extend their reaction time, and improve their ability to adapt to weather and environmental events… ultimately protecting people, infrastructure, and entire communities.

  • "I commend Vieux & Associates for their innovative work on our long-running early flood detection and warning program that serves the seven-county Denver/Boulder metropolitan area. Their trusted team of professionals is highly competent and quick to respond whenever special needs arise."
    Kevin Stewart
    Professional Engineer, Manager, Flood Warning & Information Services Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
  • "We needed access to radar rainfall for use in reservoir inflow forecasting and gate operations and have been very pleased with their services. Vieux is responsive and detail oriented. In short, they deliver what they promise and more."
    Phil Thompson
    Professional Engineer, Plant Manager, Ameren Missouri